Want More Customers?

    Want More Customers?

    We offer a wonderful program, promoting your business on a local community discount card, helping to create more customers for your business.

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    Want more customers?

    We offer a wonderful program, promoting your business on a local community discount card, helping to create more customers for your business.  

    Our local community discount cards allow you a way to build new and repeat consumers for your business.

    Every business gives some sort of discounted offer, valid for about 6 months.

    We print your offer on a credit card sized card and 10,000 cards are distributed right in your local community.

    Cards are totally FREE to the customer and we find that 90% of your customers carry the card with them at all times.

    How it works.

    When customers bring in the card… the merchant simply checks to make sure that their business is listed on the card with their discounted offer and give the customer their discount.

    Each card is reusable (over-and-over) until the card reaches its expiration date.

    The merchant’s only requirement is simply to honor the discounted offer until the cards expire.

    It’s a great way bring in more business while simultaneously supporting the local community.

    Want to be on the card?

    Please call our office at (916) 370-5583 and one of our merchant representatives will assist you.

    We require your business name, your name, your position with the business, your personal phone number and email address, the offer you wish to run on our cards, and your business logo, if applicable.  

    Please note: The cards have 10 to 15 ad spots and we require a minimium of 10 ad spost on every card before going to print and distribution..

    Local Community and College Discount Marketing Program

    If you own a business and are looking for a marketing program to help boost your sales… then you need to let us show you what we can do to help your business!


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    Want More Customers?

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